I came across this social media post and thought I would share it. There is a creepy guy up at Lake Victoria in South Beloit, that followed a women after a weird exchange. FACEBOOK

I'll share the post in a second, but here's the deal...I woman alone at Lake Victoria in South Beloit, approached by a stranger and he gives her a rose and tells her it was supposed to be for someone else that didn't show up. Nice gesture, but wait that's creepy.

He got out of his car and he said hey I noticed how beautiful you were and thought you wouldn't mind if I gave you a rose. He reaches into his car quickly and he hands me a rose. he says well it was supposed to be for somebody else but they didn't show up. - Amy Shaaf

This individual followed her in her vehicle, until she arrived at the nearby police station to file a report. The individual that was given the flower, Amy Shaaf, was very aware of the situation and made some great choices with this stranger.

I got to think wow that's kind of weird and thought I remembered seeing something about flowers from strangers and not to smell them because they are laced or something. Headed towards ashton's house and started to think if I'm currently at risk of breathing something in so I slowed down threw the flower out on the road.- Amy Shaff

Here is the description of the man at Lake Victoria in South Beloit:

He is a Middle Eastern man about 5'6 scruffy face driving a black SUV about the size of a buick enclave dirty light colored blue jeans, dark blue hoodie with a faded emblem on the front I think he is in his late 30's early 40's. - Amy Shaaf



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