And on the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to meeee...a bedazzled vibrator from Evansville Facebook Marketplace. 

Wait, is that not how the song goes?

Facebook Marketplace is the nifty little tool that was added to the social media site within the last couple years. Aside from the hysterical attempts at people trying to sell their "treasures", it really can be helpful when looking for furniture, cars, or home decor. However, like any other for-sale sites, there are people on there that are just desperate to make a buck. Evansville Facebook Marketplace is no exception to that. In fact, there are more money hungry folks on there than serious sellers.

Each week, I take a dive through Marketplace and find the most eyeroll worthy "items" for sale. I say "items" because most of this stuff is pure garbage. It gives me a good laugh, and since I'm a generous person, I want to share those laughs with you.

In this post, the seller has said "random items for sale", yet all I see is garbage. Those do look like Nike flip flops though, and those are pricey. Curious on the size...

At first glance, I thought this seller was attempting to sell a Honey Bun wrapper. Then, at the very bottom of the photo, I saw a grimey video game device. Cropping is important, people.

Listen, I love my Apple Watch, but this dude's comments about it are what got me laughing. I'm sure it sucked when he broke his screen, but he had to go as far as to say
"I don't need to hear your negative comments...I've looked up the price and $80 is fair." Honey, there is no fair price on something that's broken, but I appreciate his effort.


Back at it again with the cracked screens. Am I missing something? If you can make a buck off broken screens then I've been missing out. Unfortunately, we don't know if this tablet works or. Looking at the severity of the damage (which how does that even happen unless you're throwing it out of a moving vehicle at 100 mph) I'm going to guess not.

Very impressive hand puppets that are absolutely worth the time and money it would take to purchase them and pick them up.

I don't like that I have to say this, but I will reiterate for what seems like the thousandth time. Please don't purchase vibrators off Facebook.