A venomous Copperhead snake was spotted on the USI-Burdette Trail in Evansville. Watch your step! A Copperhead snake was spotted in Evansville. According to a Facebook post shared almost 700 times, Olivia TenBarge was walking the USI-Burdette trail last week when a Copperhead slithered out in front of her.

While this might not be uncommon in the area, it doesn't make it any less scary. According to Live Science, Copperhead snakes are seen primarily in North America. Copperhead snakes are responsible for the most venomous snake bites in the USA, however, their venom is mild and their bites are rarely fatal.

While Copperhead snakes can appear similar to other snakes, there are some distinct characteristics to look out for.

Animal Corner lists the following Copperhead characteristics:

Adult Copperhead snakes have a coppery coloured head and neck. Copperhead snakes are medium sized snakes, with adults normally reaching 2-4 feet long, with thick, heavy bodies. Their body is more slender than other vipers. There are five clearly defined subspecies. All subspecies have distinctive light and dark brown or greenish banding.

Northern copperheads have bands that tend to narrow dorsally, giving them an hourglass shape, whereas the others generally have bands of uniform width. Newborn Copperheads are coloured and patterned like adults, except the last inch of their tail which is a bright, yellow color.

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