Allow us to introduce you to this week's Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Meet Liam!

Hi I’m Liam! I’m a two-year-old big boy that loves pets and lounging. I get along well with other cats, don’t seem to mind dogs, and even love the occasional belly rub. I was found as a stray and am loving the cushy indoor life! I currently reside at River Kitty Cat Cafe in downtown Evansville. Come visit me, as well as a slew of other sweet cats waiting for homes, at River Kitty today! My adoption fee is $80 and includes my neuter, microchip, and vaccinations.

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Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? Why do they have whiskers? Cats, and their undeniably adorable babies known as kittens, are mysterious creatures. Their larger relatives, after all, are some of the most mystical and lethal animals on the planet. Many questions related to domestic felines, however, have perfectly logical answers. Here’s a look at some of the most common questions related to kittens and cats, and the answers cat lovers are looking for.


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