If you have any length on your hair at all, you have most likely had this happen to you. Unless you are very experienced with a comb, you can get it stuck so bad, you think you will have to cut it our of your hair. When it happens, It's a nightmare. especially for kids.

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As a child, I had very long wavy/curly hair. My hair fell all the way down past my tutu. I remember once trying to use a comb to get the tangles out and the comb got stuck so bad, my mom DID have to cut the comb out of my hair and I went from no bangs to bands in a single snip of the scissors.

Something very similar happened to an adorable little girl from Princeton, IN. Last year, Lydia got her hair cut had it cut more like a big girl. She was combing her beautiful new hair and making a video of herself taking and combing her hair. Now, remember she is only four years old. She started out fine, but then started to twist the comb, then to try and get it out, twisted it some more, then some more. Yikes.


I see hairstyle tutorials and maybe even a career as a stylist in Lydia's future. LOL

I can totally relate to Lydia's dilemma. II even, got my hair stuck in a blown dryer. A few of the long strands got stuck in the motor of the dryer. I realized what had happened when I started smelling something burning. The result was losing some strand of hair having to buy a new hair dryer.

But, you don'r have to lose hair.


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