Despite the fact team officials would neither confirm nor deny the report, according to ESPN, "a league source" says the Colts have already informed former Standford quarterback, Andrew Luck, that he will be their choice as the first overall pick in the draft when it begins next Thursday.

While team officials haven't commented, a story from today says that Colts owner Jim Irsay has "essentially confirmed" the report by offering "$200 and a football signed by Andrew Luck" for anyone who correctly answers a question he posted on his Twitter account.

As a Colts fan, this is the right pick in my mind. If the Colts hope to return to the success they enjoyed during the Peyton Manning era, by all accounts, Luck gives them that chance. While this season will more than likely be rough to sit through, I'm excited to watch Luck grow into an elite quarterback. And I'm especially excited to know that he'll be doing it in a Colts uniform.

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