ATTENTION! If you have purchased child's makeup from Claire's recently, read this! Although a recall has not been issued at this time, Claire's has pulled many items from its children's makeup line off the shelves after a concerned parent had her child's makeup tested at a laboratory and found that the results were horrifying.

Concerned parent, Kristi Warner, was curious to know what was in her daughter's glittery makeup from Claire's so she decided to mail a sample of the makeup to an independent lab in North Carolina and the results were shocking. They tested positive for tremolite asbestos which is toxic to humans and has been linked to cancer after exposure.

Once Ms. Warner's boss heard the news, he purchased 17 more Claire's makeup products from multiple states around the country where the same laboratory was hired to conduct more studies and found that every single product was contaminated with tremolite asbestos.

Claire's issued a statement Friday in response to this news stating:

No confirmed list of possible contaminated items has been given to consumers. So, to any concerned parents across the Tri-state region who may have purchased Claire's makeup, you may bring any child's makeup item back to the store with a receipt for a full refund. However, there has been no official recall on the makeup yet, despite the findings of the laboratory tests. Claire's is still looking into the claims.

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