When it’s time to party, Christina Aguilera parties hard. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed that he shared a beer bong with ‘The Voice‘ coach last year — and she worked it like a pro.

“She parties like a champ,” Grohl told Blender. “I give her props for that, for sure. She’s definitely the kind of girl you would want to do beer bongs with. She wasn’t ‘dirrty’ about it at all — in fact, she finished every last drop. Dude, that’s the f—ing pullquote right there.”

While we’re all for having a good time responsibly, the timing of Xtina’s partying with Grohl coincides with what may have been her darkest period. Within a year, Aguilera saw her marriage fall apart, her album tank and her movie debut disappoint. In addition, she faced flak for flubbing the lyrics to the national anthem during the Super Bowl, criticism for her weight gain and an arrest for public intoxication.

It can easily be argued that Aguilera was using alcohol as an anesthetic to escape the pain she was facing in her life. Loud whispers of rejected interventions and quickly nixed rehab stints surrounded Aguilera through much of 2011.

In any case, Aguilera seems to be doing much better. She’s been spotting spending time with her adorable son, working on a new album and gearing up for this season of ‘The Voice.’ On top of it all, she looks fantastic, so we’ll toast to that … But only with one glass.