Tuesday (March 8, 2022) night's 103 GBF Damn Loud Rock Show was an epic night of live music in downtown Evansville, Indiana but it wasn't without incident.

The Night Started As Planned

Code Orange took to the stage just after 6:30 pm Central Time to open for Korn later in the evening. The band came in heavy with driving kick drums and blistering bass, leaving fans revved and ready for the rest of the night.

After Code Orange finished, there was a brief intermission to allow for the stage to be reset for Chevelle. Shortly after Chevelle began their set, it became obvious something was wrong down on the floor full of fans.

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Kat Mykals/TSM
Kat Mykals/TSM

Something Wrong in the Pit

Pete Loeffler looked out into the pit and asked "What's going on?" At first, most of us thought he was just bantering with the crowd but then he announces that they have a fan down and makes a request for medical services to come to check on the fan.

In the video below, you can hear Loeffler say, "[We're] Gonna take a beat here and see what's going on. They need some help."

Bush, Chevelle And Filter Perform At The Joint At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
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"Do You Need Paramedics?"

After a moment's pause, Loeffler addresses the crowd, "Do you need paramedics?"

He then calls for medical assistance, "We need some help over here guys. There's a guy out."

Paramedics & Security Responded Quickly

All total, the show was stopped down for about three minutes. As the downed concertgoer was being carried out on a gurney, the crowd begins to cheer. Loeffler can be heard saying, "Thanks for that. Thanks for helping out people." He then asks the crowd, "Where did we leave off? Back at it, right? Pick it up!" before ultimately launching back into their set.

While we haven't heard the condition of the fan, he was spotted throwing up a rock fist as he was being carried out of the crowd.

The Rest of the Night Rocked

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch and eventually, around 9:30 pm, Korn took the stage. It was a great turnout for our Damn Loud Rock Show and we look forward to the upcoming shows at Ford Center also presented by 103 GBF.

Tickets for all three shows are now on sale at Ticketmaster and Ford Center Box Office.

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