We've talked about my combo skin before. It's oily, it's dry, it's clear sometimes...and other times (cough, cough...today) it's not. With that being said, finding a makeup that works with my skin is nearly impossible.

I've tried it all; primers with acne treatment in it, avoiding overall coverage, even taking a makeup hiatus for months. But, none of it worked to my satisfaction. My baby sis a makeup expert, so I asked her what she recommended. She told me about a primer called "HangoveRX" by Too Faced. I had heard of Too Faced Cosmetics before, and even own some of their makeup, but didn't know they made a primer.

Boy, I was missing out. Any time I put cream on my face, I prepare for the worst. I assume I'm either going to break out or have an allergic reaction...and usually I'm right. Now, at first I was hesitant to try it because a bigger bottle of the product costs over $20. I went ahead and bought it because my sister swears by it, and it works great.

Too Faced Cosmetics

Not only does this primer go on super light and smoothe, it doesn't clog my pores either. I can't recommend it enough. It also makes your other makeup super pigmented, so you get the most results from the least amount of makeup. For example, I used to have to use a lot of eyeshadow to make it appear the color I wanted. Now, I use half the amount of eyeshadow to get the same results.

It also helps your makeup stay on all day long. I compare it to a foundation because the coverage is awesome. It really blends your skin and evens your tone, which makes applying foundation or powder 100x easier. One day soon, I'll film my entire makeup application process. I'm not expert, but I know I'm constantly watching tutorials to enhance my skills a bit. I even got asked who did my makeup for my sister's wedding last weekend...and it was ME. So, looks like I'm improving.

You can grab this primer at Sephora or Ulta, or online. You won't regret it! TREAT YO SELF.

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