You'd think that since 90% of my job is talking, I'd want to shut up every once in a while, but that's definitely not the case. So when Evansville residents Nathan Boerner and Farrin Davis asked me to be a guest on their podcast, Don't Quit Your Daydream, to talk about life in radio, the answer was an immediate, "yes!"

The concept of Don't Quit Your Daydream is simple, yet compelling; find people in Evansville who are working their dream job, or have a unique hobby and talk to them about it. Previous guests have included local tattoo artists, paramedics, comic book writers and illustrators, body builders, arm wrestlers, musicians, and more. All of which live among us right here in the Evansville area.

Podcasting in general has really exploded over the past couple of years, really finding its niche in it's ability to target a specific audience. Enjoy woodworking? There's a podcast for it. Fan of murder-mysteries? There's a podcast for that too. Think of anything, and there's likely someone out there who enjoys it enough to make a podcast out of it.

Personally, I enjoy listening to shows that feature interviews with creative people whether they be comedians, musicians, artists, whatever. I enjoy listening to them explain how attack their craft, or their process, if you will. Podcasts like Don't Quit Your Daydream.

There's not much difference between radio and Podcasting. Both are obviously audio driven mediums with no visual aspect, like say a YouTube video, or television show. Instead it's on the hosts and guests to paint a picture the listener can visualize in their own mind. With that said, there are a few differences, whereas podcasts have the flexibility to target a specific audience, radio tends to be offer a little something for everybody. Radio also tends to put a limit on the amount of time a host speaks, especially in music driven formats like KISS-FM, while podcast episodes can be as short as 30 minutes, or as long as an hour and 45 minutes like my conversation with Nathan and Farrin.

Speaking of that conversation, we recorded this episode back in early March on a Sunday afternoon in a bedroom of Nathan's apartment in downtown Evansville, and covered quite a bit of ground. How I got started in radio, why I love what I do, even things I've said on the air that landed me in a bit of hot water.

It was a great time, and I definitely think that comes through on the episode. You can stream or download it now, along with all Don't Quit Your Daydream episodes, from iTunes, or check out on the Don't Quit Your Daydream website.

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