Gavin was in a commercial!

Jakob Bilinski
Jakob Bilinski

Last week, I got to hang out on the set of the Jakob Bilinski directed commercial for PhoneTodd. You may have watched this hilarious behind-the-scenes look at said commercial:

As you can tell, I'm very talented. Anyway, while the behind-the-scenes stuff was cool, the finished product is even cooler. Now, this isn't the version that will air on TV, but this is Jakob's super awesome director's cut of the commercial.

Here is a list of things in the commercial that you will enjoy:

  • A screaming Joe Gilpatrick
  • Emily Durchholz leaving Joe Atkinson
  • Tara Sorg smashing my tablet
  • Jordan Willis screaming
  • Neil Kellen holding an exploding phone
  • And a belt fed machine gun shooting the **** out of a computer

This commercial has all of that and more. You should probably just go ahead and watch it!

You can get more details about PhoneTodd here!

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