After the release of the shocking Sausage Party racked up an equally shocking $140 million (far more than any of us expected from a movie involving anthropomorphized hot dog sex acts), it was only a matter of time until more bawdy animation followed. Cartoons for grown-ups may be on their way to a moment in the sun, as today brings the news that Netflix has launched production on an R-rated project in a similar vein. But they won’t stop at desecrating the sacred space of the grocery store. This time, nothing short of our nation’s origin story will provide the canvas for whatever vulgarity they’ve got in store.

Deadline has the exclusive that America: The Motion Picture will offer a foulmouthed revisionist take on the creation of these United States, with a star-studded lineup irreverently sending up the Founding Fathers. The project has already attracted one big name with a role too great to refuse — Channing Tatum will lead the charge against the redcoats as the voice of our beloved George Washington. Yes, our man of the instant-classic “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” email will soon assay our first President and partial author of American democracy. And if there’s still some part of you unsure that this idea is a slam dunk, know that Matt Thompson (co-creator of Archer) will direct.

American history, with all its tangled hypocrisies and colorful figures, should be ripe for parody. If people turned out in droves to watch a rapping-musical about a guy who wasn’t even the President, then this should be a crowd-pleaser as well. (Though the R rating means that there’s decidedly less potential for classroom lessons.) Just imagine it: Out of George Washington’s mouth comes Channing Tatum‘s voice, sniggering, “I cannot tell a lie — y’all muthaf—”

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