Ava Sollars is a 2nd grade student at Chandler Elementary.  Recently, students in Ms. Ransom's class were assigned the challenge of writing a persuasive letter.  As you know, it's important to learn critical thinking skills and be able to express those thoughts in written form.  The perfect way to do this?  A persuasive letter.

So, to keep it simple and familiar for her students, Ms. Ransom gave the students a topic they can all relate to- French fries!!

The students, including the ever-so precocious Ava, dove right into the assignment to make their arguments.  Those arguments were, pardon the pun, delicious.

Check out Ava's paper.  She certainly wrote an impassioned plea about French fries and supported her arguments in a skillful and persuasive way.  LOL!  Here's her letter.

Ashley Sollars
Ashley Sollars

As you can see, Ava addressed her letter, as instructed, to Principal Henrich.  By the way, in a later social media post, Ms. Henrich agreed to Ava's demands.  She wrote, "Consider it done! Bring your own ketchup!"

Clearly, Ava has the makings of a young attorney.  She started her letter with a bold statement- "We would like French fries for lunch every day at school."  She then followed up that opening statement with key points supporting her claim.  Those points?  1) French fries taste good. 2) French fries are easy to make.  And, most importantly and most emphatically, 3) Everyone like French fries.

And, you know what?  You can't really argue that at all.  You're right, Ava!  Just about everyone likes French fries and we, your audience, are with you.  French fries WOULD be an easy, fun snack to have every day.

And Ms. Henrich, you'd better start stocking up on the ketchup!

Here's Ava's interview from the WBKR morning show today.


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