All photos submitted for Celebrate the Tri-State.

Ice Storm Denis Wilhite
4 Freedoms -starry night David Greenwell
Ice Train Tom Barrows
Ferris Wheel Franklin Cory Chamber
Turkey Vulture Nicholas Calderon
Harrison HS Football Field NIcholas Calderon
Farmer Field Andrew Grammer
Father and Son Rodeo Thomas Barrows
Riverfront at Night Cory Chamberlain
Billy the Flagman Nicholas Calderone
BMW at NIght Andrew Grammer
Night Court Thomas Barrows
Birds Eye View Combine Cory Chamberlain
Old Courthouse Nicholas Calderone
Vivid Planter at Willard Library Lori Schutz
Plant Wesley Coleman
Reflections of War at 4 Freedoms Thomas Barrows
Evansville Riverfront from Above Cory Chamberlain
Riverside Dr NIcholas Calderone
Bee Free Barbara Sturgell
Evansville Riverfront Jared Weber
Body Builder at Planet Fitness Andrew Grammer
Lest We Forget Thomas Barrows
Fireworks Over Evansville Cory Chamberlain
Four Freedoms Nicholas Calderone
Spring at the Pagoda Barbara Sturgell
Storm Over the LST Andrew Grammer
Barge on Ohio Westly Coleman
Skilz Thomas Barrows
Earth Day March Nicholas Calderone
Freedom Barbara Sturgell
Bridge Over the Lloyd Expressway Elizabeth Fahrlander
Floating Tree Westly Coleman
On the Banks of the Wabash Thomas Barrows
Pride Fest Zachary Powell
Yellow Red Flower Easter Nicholas Calderone
Rainy Days at Willard Library Jessica Peistrup
EVV Airport Oliva Polk
Deer Westley Coleman
Blue Grass FWA Sunrise Thomas Barrows
Spirit of Vincennes Cattle Nicholas Calderon
Ohio River Sunset Matthew Templeton
Sunset Henderson Bridge Joseph Long
LST Drive Andrew Grammer
Flooded Sunrise CSX Freight Thomas Barrows
Spirit of Vincnnes Cattle Nichoas CAlderon
Long Exposure Lloyd Expressway Nicholas CAlderon
Little Otters Diana Giesler
BAllerina Joseph Long
Evansville at Night Westly Coleman
Lightning Evansville Thomas Barrows
Spirit of Vincennes Woman Talking Nicholas Calderon
Evansville Train Yard Nicholas Calderon
Daddy and Me at Audubon Park Michelle King
Four Freedoms Monument Joseph Long
Barge Newburgh Riverfront Brent Zerby
Evansville Namesake Railroad Thomas Barrows
Spirit of Vincennes Horse Drawn Carriage Nicholas Calderon
Henderson KY Train Bridge Nicholas CAlderon
Bikers on Evansville Riverfront Nina Holmes
Barn in Petersburg Joseph Long
Dixon Spring State Park Illinois Jamie Stacy
The OCH Old Courthouse Thomas Barrows
Spirit of Vincennes Old Man Walking Nicholas Calderon
Evanville State Hospital Squirrel Nicholas Calderon
Bridge Over the Ohio Chris King
Christmas in Pike County Joseph Long
Wizard of Oz on Fortress of Fun Jamie Stacy
Greyhound Bus:Station Icons Thomas Barrows
Native American at Spirit of Vincennes Nicholas Calderon
Duck at Evansville State Hospital Nicholas Calderon
AFter the Storm Hwy 61 between Petersburg & Vincennes Indiana Joseph Long
AFter the Storm Hwy 61 between Petersburg & Vincennes Indiana Joseph Long
Southern IN Graduation Daniel Yates
Sunset on the Old Courthouse Thomas Barrows
Spirit of Vincennes Nicholas Calderon
Evansville Ohio St Bridge Nicholas Calderon
Beloved Family Ha Trinh
Spiderman Getting His Dance On William Putt
Greyhound Building Drake Cloin
Fall Fest Cory Chamberlin
Spirit of Vincennes Soldiers
Greyhound Station Nicholas Caldron
Starry Night Four Freedoms George Greenwell
Howell Wetlands Birds Eye View Cory Chamberlin
Spirit of Vincennes Tent NIcholas Calderon
Old Courthouse Bell Tower Nicholas Calderon
Eagles Nest Lisa Todd
Naturally Cloudy Teresa Warner
Free Comic Book Day Rachel Jones
Midwest Riverfront Brittany Sweatt
Arthur Ayde Drums Ohio Rachel Jones
Ice Storm Denis Wilhite
GRC Memorial Tim Peach
Winter Jam Rachel Jones
Jasper Straussfest Amanda DeWeese
Puddle Carter Smith
Angel Mounds Highland Games Rachel Jones
Snowy Farm Haubstadt Ashley Brakie
Mainstreet Christmas Michelle Shephard
Downtown Evanvsille Fiesta Berne Schmitt
Bluegrass Sunset
WEst Salem flower Elexis Wolf
Amazonia Zoo Bernie Schmitt
Evansville Fireworks Downtown Chris Brakie
Soaking up Sunshine Anna Smith
Summer Bowling League Frnaklin Angie Snodgrass
Little Girl on the Lake Ashley Brakie
Holiday Inn Airport Robin Carter
Dapper Pig Raven Cimbalnik
Horse Barn Vand Co 4H fairgrounds Paula Blair
Big Roots Farm Haleigh Weszelits
Vintage Carousel 4H Darmstadt Raven Cimbalnik
Cold Feb William Wilke
Amazonia Porcupine Raven Cimbalnik
PCHS Color Guard Rachel Jones
Scenic River Walk Raven Cimbalnik
Lean Clean RAchel Jones
Audubon Mill Park Mike Scott
Castle Marching Band Rachel Jones
Dog Andy Peistrup
Big Win at Holiday World Rachel Jones
Baby Reveal Carrie Howard
Albion IL Debbie Luthe
Flower Girl Tracey Bruce
Harvest in Hazleton IN RAchel Jones
Toyota Carrie Howard
Gods Country Posey County Renee Rhodes
Damn Yankees Gibson County RAchel JOnes
ourhaus in tell city david jones
ourhaus in tell city david jones
Church Donald Hemming
Showplace Cinemas Donald Henning
franklin st donald henning
courthouse donald henning
Four Freedoms Donald Henning
Pagoda Donald Henning
sunset Kayla Simon
Spring Flowers Jessica Peistrup
owntown evansville donald henning
downtown main street donald henning
riverfront donald henning
mainstreet walkway donald henning
west side nut club donald henning
Henderson Riverfront Lacarra Mullis