Schools all over the Tristate are celebrating the beautiful souls who grace their guidance offices.  It is National School Counselor Week and we are inviting you to show them, love.

Each district in the area will be recognizing the counselors all week long through social media.  School Counselors do so much more than any could ever realize.  They are a source of safety and consistency many times for students who might not have that in their home life.

Counselors have had an even tougher job through the pandemic working with students to find ways to help them through isolation from friends and family.

Angel here and I cannot begin to tell you how much I have appreciated my son Tucker's guidance counselor, Ms. Tines.  Tucker is a child who struggles with change.  He is a very social kid and loves to be around his classmates and friends.  He looks forward to going to school every day and when the pandemic hit we saw totally different kiddo.

Ms. Tines and her therapy doodle, Luna, navigate Sutton Elementary with such ease and comfort for all the students.  Of course, for Tuck, it helps that Luna is the sister to our doodle, Layla.  He loves to talk all about it.  Ms. Tines goes out of her way for the students even doing video broadcasts with Luna so she can check in with them while they are learning virtually.

Guidance Counselors go above and beyond their job description.  I had the pleasure of working with Chantay Taylor, Mike Hamilton, and Jean Ann Stanley when I worked at Burns Middle School as a Youth Service Coordinator.

I can recall countless times watching each of them love students and even their families as if they were their own.  It takes a very special person to be a guidance counselor.

If you have the opportunity thank your child's counselor this week and head to the WBKR Facebook page and give them a shout-out.


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