Women are powerful and today we celebrate. How about celebrating with beauty brands that think so too? 

Every year on March 8th is the celebration of International Women's Day (IWD). It's a focal point in the women's rights movement and celebrates social, economic, cultural and political accomplishments. We have come so far since the early 1900s and I have to say, I am proud of it.

Seeing as women, it's very fitting that beauty brands are stepping up to celebrate today. I love make up and it's something I am passionate about because in my eyes, it's an art. I gathered up a few beauty brands that are celebrating today as well! These 6 beauty brands want to show you what you mean to them for all the hard work you do!

1. Miller Harris and JEMIMASARA will be donating 10% of sales to Breast Cancer. They have AMAZING fragrances!

2. Elizabeth Arden is offering 100% of the proceeds of the Reese Witherspoon Limited Edition "March On" will go to "Unwomen" to support girls and women around the world.

3. Avon launched their latest "Stand4her" campaign. "Avon has been supporting women for 130 years, it is part of the our DNA. Research shows again and again, that when one woman’s life improves, it benefits her family, her community and the wider world we all live in."

4. L'Occitane launched their new "Shea Orange Blossom Solidarity Balm" to promote women's leadership worldwide.

5. TRE'semme launched their new campaign "Power Your Presence" in a mission to end "Impostor Syndrome" and encourage self confidence.

6. BIRCHBOX CEO & Co-Founder Katia is happy to announce their new campaign for 2019! Just in time for International Women's Day!


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