Just take a moment to really soak in that headline. CBS, a major network in the United States, reportedly passed on a new Nancy Drew series because it was “too female.” Wow. In a country where women make up 51 percent of the population, it would just be totally crazy to green light a show about us. Thankfully, the contemporary update on the classic detective character is being shopped elsewhere, so hopefully they’ll find another network that doesn’t cringe at the thought of all this lady stuff.

Per Deadline, the network has officially passed on Drew, a modern procedural based on the iconic Nancy Drew character, who made her debut in 1930. Created by Edward Stratemeyer, the original fiction series followed the young amateur sleuth as she investigated various mysteries and solved crimes. The new television series was created by Joan Rater and Tony Phelan of Grey’s Anatomy fame, and stars Person of Interest’s Sarah Shahi as the eponymous protagonist with ER vet Anthony Edwards as her father.

The pilot centers on a grown-up Nancy Drew, a particularly observant detective who works for the NYPD. When she’s not solving crimes using her remarkable skills, Drew tries to navigate her personal and social life — pretty relatable, right? Well, according to Deadline’s sources, CBS didn’t think so. Although the pilot tested well, the network thought it “skewed too female for CBS’ schedule.” Whatever that means.

It remains baffling that networks and studios are still so jittery about making shows and movies about and for women, especially since we make up just over half of the population. That’s a sizable market to ignore. Not only are they willfully passing up millions of viewers, but the chance to make even more profit in merchandising. Do they just hate money? You know, women do have some money. We also own televisions. Crazy, right?

Even crazier: there are men who actually enjoy watching movies and shows featuring women in leading roles. And never mind the fact that Drew is based on a prolific and quite popular series of mystery novels about a girl detective. I wonder how that book franchise managed to stay so successful for over 80 years. Just something to think about.

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