My wife and I were watching one of those spray-on make-up infomercials earlier today, and it caught my wife's attention so much that she asked me would I buy I for her. After reluctantly agreeing to one price, we found out after some research that to KEEP the product after the trial period was a totally different and substantially HIGHER price to which I did NOT agree!

Also, after ever further research, my wife found out that the reviews for this product were exceedingly negative and she decided not to buy the product after all. I'm glad she took a little extra time to find out more because that could have been a very expensive mistake.

The last time I experienced buyer's remorse was when I bought a VR video game online that was advertised in a bundle with another non-VR game that I also wanted. The way the promo was worded, I ASSUMED the bundle was a VR and non-VR version of the SAME game. WRONG! Without watching any gameplay videos or reading any reviews about the VR game, I impulsively bought BOTH games.

To my dismay, the VR game had nothing to do with with other game and wasn't a very good game in itself! And being a digital download, I couldn't get a refund on the game, only a store credit and was stuck with a game I didn't want!

When was that last time YOU bought something online that didn't quite turn out to be what you thought?

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