Just when you thought that we were done hearing Casey White's name, he made a confession that raises more questions about his time in Indiana.

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Who is Casey White?

Just over a year ago Evansville, Indiana made international news with the capture of Alabama fugitive Casey White and the ultimate death of former corrections officer Vicky Sue White. The duo spent several days in Evansville, IN before leading officers on a short chase on Highway 41.

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Casey White's Prison Confession

I'm telling you, this story just doesn't end, and it gets stranger. NewsNation reporter Brian Entin had an exclusive phone call from Casey White in December of 2022. The audio of that call has been released just as White is set to head back to court on June 8, 2023, for the sentencing from his escape. In this call, Casey White tells the reporter that while he and Vicky White were in Evansville, he killed a woman. WHAT?

What Does this 'Confession' Mean?

Law enforcement officials say that he has confessed to other crimes that were not founded. White's attorneys agree that this is a false confession. This is another piece of the puzzle that we may never know.


I did a crime search from the dates the Whites were in Evansville, and there were no shots fired calls in the area of Motel 41. Of course, if Casey's confession is real, it could've happened anywhere.

 Hear Casey White's Strange Interview from Prison

Murder Confession or Little White Lie?

It's All-Good for Mr. Stinson

James Stinson called in the abandoned truck that was left in his Evansville car wash. This was not enough for Alabama officials to award him with the reward money. But he did not go away empty-handed. A GoFundMe account was set up in his name. A goal was set for $5,000 and James ended up with $5,280. It does appear to accept donations still if you want to help him out.

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