'To hell with cramps, shove this in your pants!' would definitely be the tag-line for a newly released menstrual relief product if I'd invented it. Lucky for me, and for every one else, I did not. There are some pretty wacky products out there, but weed tampons are some of the wackiest. Yes, cannabis vaginal inserts. While they have been popularly known as 'weed tampons' they are actually not tampons, but instead are vaginal suppositories. Normally, women are not too keen on playing the 'is it in yet, and will it stay?' game. However, when it comes to cannabis, this might be a real game changer.

Cannabis suppositories are a relatively new invention offered by a company named Foria. So, let's recap so we are all on the same page here: a company now makes vaginal cannabis inserts that you stick into your vagina designed to relieve pain, cramps, and menstrual discomfort within minutes! Every woman scream in unity:

The Foria suppositories work by using specific painkilling ingredients derived from cannabis plants which include THC Oil and CBD Isolate. Once the suppository is inserted, your internal body heat melts the suppository and your vaginal walls absorb the oils and the drugs. Yay for vaginal mucosa! Bodies are disgustingly awesome.

While most people would think this cramp killer might be a little off-putting due to its method of delivery, it doesn't seem to be much of a deterrent for most women. I mean, we do have to use tampons, menstrual cups, and have to have a speculum shoved up there, so having a small weed insert slid gently in there might not be so bad in comparison, especially if it makes pain a thing of the past. Many doubt the insert's pain-stopping abilities, but several users actually claim in reviews that they are the best product they have ever used for menstrual pain and body ache relief! According to some consumers, cramps are alleviated within eight minutes. Just eight minutes!

Another little known and rarely mentioned fact about Foria is that they specialize in cannabis products including 'therapeutic aphrodisiacs', sensual pleasure sprays, and pain relief inserts for men and women. No doubt that people will be visiting this place's website in droves after learning this. Seriously: cannabis, pleasure, and aphrodisiacs? There is no better business model! Unless you somehow add food into the mix.

So today's takeaway? Vaginal cannabis inserts are now used to cure menstrual pain. Ladies and Gents, the future is here!


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