I looked through some of my e-mails and noticed a number of them dealt with the topic of credit/debit card cloning. So I decided to a little research on the topic to provide information our readers.

One way criminals get your card information is by skimming. We’ve discussed skimming in previous posts. For example, when you visit a filling station to purchase gas, sometimes criminals will attach a skimming device over the reader on the pump to obtain card information. What I learned is that once your credit/debit card information is taken by skimming, a new card with your card number and the criminal’s address is created which then works just like your original card. For more information about skimming or cloning, see www.creditcardchaser.com/what-is-credit-card-skimming-or-cloning/.

The next question that arose, was how would this work with the new EMV chip that we’re supposed to have? I read that some people feel the EMV chip is impossible to clone.