Let's be honest, one of the best side dishes to have with a meal is french fries. To be able to find ONE restaurant with the best fries seems to be impossible, but one website claims they have found it.

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Eat This Not That claims that they have the best fries in each state and claim that the best fries in Illinois come from a burger joint in Evanston. Edzo's Burger Shop has a variety of different fries you can get which makes them some of the best in the state. Their fries are hand-cut daily and you can have them with cheese, cajun, garlic, loaded, buffalo, crazy, truffle, angry, and 5-onions. or just plain. I guess they really do have the best options for fries in Illinois.

These Are the Best Fries in Illinois

And after looking over the menu Edzo's Burger Shop might have to be put on the bucket list of places to visit and eat. Everything looks amazing. We also argue that it's hard to find that one place that has the "BEST" anything, but in looking over the menu and reading all of the details on the delicious fries and might have to agree with this one and I haven't even eaten at this place yet.

For Missouri, they picked Aviary Cafe in Springfield and said,

Aviary Cafe has so much to be recommended, but when it comes to fries, this restaurant knows how to make a tasty spud. They make a classic pomme frites version, which is double-fried in truffle oil, dusted with sea salt, and served with garlic aioli.

Alright, I'll put that one on my bucket list too!

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