Britney Spears revealed quite a bit to Ellen DeGeneres on her namesake show while promoting 'Britney Jean.' Of course the host grilled the pop diva for some intel on the men in her life, like Ryan Gosling and David Lucado.

Brit shared that she never (!!!) smooched Ryan Gosling while playing 'Spin the Bottle' during their Mickey Mouse Club days. She only kissed her virginity taker Justin Timberlake at the time. She also confessed that she just had what she called a "tiffy" --what a cute word! -- with her new BF David Lucado.

First things first. Brit looked very mom-like with her blond locks with sideswept bangs, but she was gorgeous.

She spoke about meeting BF David Lucado at a party, and that her friends introduced her to him. They've been together for eight months, confirming that their attraction was instant.

You can tell Brit is sooooooooooo into Lucado by how her face lit up when she spoke about him. "I love him," she said, also referencing his passion. Aw. It's lurve.

Brit Brit also revealed they had a "tiffy" the night before the interview. "He forgot to call me back for a really long time," she said, before revealing that he went six hours without returning her call. While things are fine now, DeGeneres pounced, in a cute way, telling Brit they should call Lucado and set him straight.

The last time DeGeneres grilled someone like this was Taylor Swift!

Brit also got a cake to celebrate her bday, which was Dec. 2, and she talked about her boys, who are both athletic.

Things are going well on Planet Brit.

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