While Britney Spears put her ex-husband Kevin Federline under a lot of fame-induced stress while they were an item, it’s unlikely that she’s the cause of his latest health hazard. Federline was rushed to the hospital on Monday (Jan. 23) after suffering a minor heart attack.

According to Zap2It, K-Fed was hustling his way through a football challenge, Aussie style, when he started to experience chest pain. Federline, who fathered Brit’s two active little boys, is currently Down Under trying to drop some extra weight as a part of the weightloss show ‘Excess Baggage.’

A spokesperson for Australia’s Channel Nine said that though their medics treated K-Fed on site, they had him taken to the hospital via ambulance anyhow. “He did his challenge, which was running and catching the ball, then … He reported chest pains and a racing heart,” the rep reports. “Obviously on this show we have a lot of paramedics on standby and they treated him for the first signs of a minor cardiac arrest, called an ambulance and had him taken to hospital.”

The 33-year-old D-list star has struggled with his weight quite a bit since the Britney breakup and even participated on the show ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ back in 2010. Federline reportedly still in the Australian hospital being closely monitored.

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