The devastation from the December 10th tornado that tore through western Kentucky has left so many people homeless and wondering what to do next and how long will it be before their lives return to normal.


In the light of day Saturday, as so many Kentuckians RETURNED to their homes to find their lives strewn across yards and streets and fields, one Bremen, Kentucky man discovered his piano relatively intact. Yes, there was water damage and some keys were missing, but it was basically in good enough shape to play.

And so that is exactly what Jordan Baize did. He sat down at that piano and played the hymn, "There's Something About That Name" written by gospel icons Bill and Gloria Gaither.

I don't know about you, but if that piano was damaged, I couldn't tell. In fact, it reminded me of so MANY church pianos I grew up listening to in basements and at Schafer Camp in that old tabernacle. But what Jordan's playing amidst catastrophe did was far more than evoke nostalgia.


He has been interviewed by just about every major national news outlet you could think of--ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX. Even the BBC and, of course--in light of the circumstances--The Weather Channel have chatted with Jordan about what has become a huge dose of inspiration for the entire country.

What gives me cold chills about this--and every time I've watched this video, as a matter of fact--is that he had no idea his sister was catching this on camera.

To that point, Jordan said this in a recent Facebook post.

"I felt guilty for looking into a television camera all day. And all over a video of me playing a water-damaged piano with sticking keys. Then reports like these start coming in, and you realize you're exactly where you're supposed to be. What was meant to be a private, reflective moment seems to have brought peace and perspective to many."

A private moment, yes. But in light of how many people have been moved by Jordan's impromptu performance, we're quite thankful it went public.

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