Boonville's Team ACUSA (Archery Camps USA) took their talents to the S3DA National Championship in Metropolis, Illinois last weekend, and after the final arrow found its mark, they brought home a national championship!

The annual S3DA (Scholarship 3-D Archery) tournament is an outdoor event featuring foam animal targets (deer, elk, bear, etc.) placed in various wooded areas and open fields giving young archers the chance to put their skills to the test in a "real world" environment (opposed to indoor events where they aim at a paper bulls-eye style target).

Not only did the team win the national championship, they did so with the highest team score ever recorded in the Middle School age group in S3DA history!

Four members of the team also scored individual honors which the team proudly announced through their Facebook page last Saturday.

Congratulations to the entire team and the coaches for their accomplishments, and check out the time I put my own archery skills, or lack thereof, to the test when I visited Team ACUSA practice back in March of this year.

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