Check out what Jay-Z and Beyonce are rumored to be doing with their new arti...  Er, child.

It had been rumored since her birth in January that Jay-Z and Beyonce were interested in tradmarking their daughter Blue Ivy's name.  Immediately after the baby's arrival marijuana dispensers in California began selling the (sometimes legal) drug under the name Blue Ivy.  Also within days Blue Ivy was on the Billboard charts as a featured artists on her daddy's song "Glory."


Now her name is officially trademarked and owned by her parents.  While the trademark may be designed to protect Blue's name from being exploited, many are speculating that the celebrity couple may be trademarking the name with expectations to turn Blue Ivy into a brand.


The rumors suggest that the potential Blue Ivy brand would be marketed to mothers of young children with items like strollers, diaper bags, baby clothing, and accessories.

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