It appears we have a Billie Eilish doppelgänger in our midst!

A TikTok user by the name of @svetlaniy1 has scored a viral hit with a video she posted on the platform that reveals her striking resemblance to the "My Future" singer.

In the clip, which has amassed over five million views and nearly a million likes to date, the creator recreated photos and videos of Eilish, flash-cutting between them so quickly that she included a "flash warning" on the post. See below:

The look-alike video is the latest in what seems to be an emerging TikTok trend following recent viral clips of creators revealing their own resemblances to stars including Rihanna and Sandra Bullock.

This isn't Eilish's first run-in with a copycat, either. After a fan dressed up as her and walked around a public place surrounded by pseudo-security guards in January 2020, Eilish took to Instagram to ask people to "please stop doing this s--t."

The five-time Grammy winner discussed the topic further in her April 2020 Dazed cover story. “People put a f--kin’ green and black wig on and go out in public and pretend to be me,” she said. “They hire security and get a nice car, to be famous for a day. I think that s--t is so f--kin’ annoying!”

She added that she worries about look-alikes misrepresenting her character: “It makes me look bad – if they’re being a d--k, then everyone’s gonna think I was a d--k.”

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