Yes, summer just began, but do you know what else just started???

THE DAYS ARE GETTING SHORTER.  This is madness, every year around this time all I can think about is winter coming.  Today, the sun was up 4 minutes shorter than June 21st...I can't handle this.

Not only is the dreaded cold getting closer and closer each day, but so are BACK TO SCHOOL COMMERCIALS.  Although I am not going back to school this fall (it's devastating, how do you not student anymore???)  Seeing back to school commercials means that the fall is approaching and the free days of summer are very limited.

Even if you're not dealing with back to school issues, the commercials are pretty terrible and that's enough to ruin the summer.

Phineas and Ferb are going back to school (the show just ended) We have no hope.  The show about the never ending summer, is ending.

In just about one month Pumpkin Spice Latte's will return....

Remember that a lady was sent to the hospital because of skinny jeans....Nobody wants that to happen, so if the weather would just cooperate we wouldn't have to deal with pants.

Although it feels like summer just began, I always feel it slipping away this time of year and I'm just not ready for winter....OK???

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