Where can you get the best view?

Oakland City Fireworks Grand Finale (Photo/Annie Jenkins)

The 4th of July is less than a week away which means it's time to start scouting out where you are going to watch the downtown Evansville fireworks. Here are some of the best places to get a great view.

1: Top of a Parking Garage

Google Maps

Downtown Evansville has three primary features: hipster bars, the Ford Center, and a crap-ton of parking garages. With parking garages located on Locust, Sycamore, and as part of the Tropicana hotel, there are plenty of concrete car houses to get a good view from. Also, the best part of watching from a parking garage is that parking isn't an issue unless the 4 million other people who read this (rough estimate) are already there.

2: Reitz Hill

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The closest thing that Evansville has to a "Make-Out Point" is also a great place to view the fireworks (and make-out). Reitz Hill is located alongside the street that also contains Reitz High School (and now we have all learned why it's called "Reitz" Hill). You can bring some blankets and sit on the grass while you watch the fireworks explode off in the distance. If you bring a date, you will undoubtedly be whisked away by a magic carpet so you can recreate singing "A Whole New World" from the Aladdin soundtrack. Also, feel free to live on the hill for the next six months so you can be first in line to sled when we get 1/2 an inch of snow and school is closed for 11 months.

3: The Evansville Riverfront

Photo Courtesy 106-1 KISS-FM

The fireworks are taking place on the river so why not head downtown and cozy up on the walkway or the grass. You can also go out on the river in a boat and watch from the water. Boat-owners probably aren't reading this blog because they're too busy counting money and getting a sweet anchor tattoo. The riverfront is always a good place to watch if you want to run into everyone you normally avoid, kind of like a sweaty Fall Festival. It's also ideal if you want to mutter to your friends how much better of a parent you are/are going to be.

4: Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter

(Courtesy, Facebook)

If you don't want to get out and bother with actually viewing the fireworks with your own eyeballs, don't worry: everyone will post clips of the fireworks on every form of social media. Most Snapchat stories on the 4th of July will be BBQs, beer drinking, and various angles of the fireworks posted by your friends. Some of these stories may include commentary such as "YEAHHHHHH!!" and "WHOAAAAA."

There you have it, those are the best places to check out the fireworks! Let me know if I missed any!