Here are some of my favorite places to get those tiny toys everyone has!

Gavin Eddings
Gavin Eddings

Funko POPs are slowly taking over the world and they've definitely taken up all of my free space on my desk at work, in my home, etc. And I'm OK with that. If you're new to collecting or just maybe don't know who has the "good stuff," I'm here to point you in the right direction of the best places to buy POPs in the Evansville area.

1. Secret Headquarters - 4225 N First Ave

Secret Headquarters is a great place to go if you are looking for POPs that have been retired or hard-to-find exclusives. They also are always stocked with the latest POPs and often do giveaways and mystery box events. They also regularly hold sales so that you can snag some deals. Another selling point of Secret Headquarters is that they regularly get in autographed POPs from your favorite celebrities. They also have an event coming up with Ming Chen from Comic Book Men (June 23rd).

2. iFix Phones and Devices - 3814 N First Ave

You might be thinking "Why is a phone repair shop selling POPs?" and that's valid. The owner, Daniel Hiatt, has been an avid toy collector and seller for many years. He decided that his shop might be a good shop to sell some extra POPs and give people something to look at while they are getting their phone fixed. iFix regularly gets in full-runs of POP series (most recently Stranger Things and Kingdom Hearts) that makes completing a series super easy. Oh, and Dan does great phone repair as well.

3. Super Mega Replay - 683 N Green River Rd

Super Mega Replay has always sold POPs but they've recently gone all-in on providing customers another place to get retired POPs at affordable prices. They regularly update their Facebook page about what has come in and the manager is involved in several local POP Facebook groups. One of the cool things about SMR is that you can score rare Chase pieces for just $10. However, you gotta get there early enough on new shipment day to make that a reality.

4. Hot Topic - Eastland Mall

Hot Topic was really the first store to hop on the POP bandwagon back in 2011 by offering exclusives (before exclusives were a thing). They regularly get variant pieces as well as getting Comic Con exclusives. The staff is always super friendly and helpful when it comes to locating POPs, online orders, etc. You can definitely tell that Hot Topic loves the POP collecting community. I will warn you though: once you walk into Hot Topic, there is a very good chance you are going to spend all the money.

5. Coconuts - 711 N Green River Rd

Google Maps
Google Maps

And finally, rounding out this list is Coconuts, which, coincidentally, is two stores down from Super Mega Replay. Coconuts is the place to get Entertainment Earth, Previews, and FYE Exclusives. They also, like everyone else on the list, often run sales and deals on getting POPs. They also have an impressive selection of clearance POPs that can be purchased at a good cost. The only downside is that their social media presence isn't the best (outside of private Facebook groups) so it is often tough to tell when they are getting something in.


And there you have it. Here are some of my favorite places to get POPs in the Evansville area. Where do you like to get POPs? Comment below!

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