Recently my wife and I were strolling down the cookie isle trying to decided which cookies we going to but to satisfy our snack cravings. Ultimately, the deciding factor for me was which on dunks best in MILK!

Being the cookie connoisseur that I am, the perfect dunking cookie to me has absorb milk quickly and consistently without making the cookie disintegrate. I hate having HALF of the cookie fall back into the milk after dunking. Then you have this mass of mush in to the bottom of your glass that I HATE drinking.

Although my wife decided to go with chocolate covered chocolate chips, I had to go with the pecan sandies, which to me is the perfect dunking cookie. A pecan sandie left in milk for about 15 seconds is the best!

Which cookie is YOUR favorite to dunk in milk? Leave your comment in the box... HAPPY DUNKING!

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