The biggest story in football this season has been the improbable, inexplicable rise of Tim Tebow. A stud quarterback in college at Florida whose game and mechanics many insiders said wouldn't translate to the pro level, has somehow managed to get the Denver Broncos into week 2 of the NFL Playoffs after an exciting win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime.

This week Tebow and the Broncos head to New England to take on the Patriots who of course are led by the talented (and dreamy) Tom Brady. Who wins the game will play out on the field Saturday night at 7pm (CST) on CBS. Who wins in the looks department is up to you.

Introducing our first ever Beefcake Battle here on Each weekday, two good-lookin' gentlemen will strut their stuff in photographic form to win your affection. All you have to do is vote below on who you think is the hotter dude.

Take a look at the side by side comparison of Mr. Brady and Mr. Tebow below (try not to get lost in their eyes) and cast your vote for whichever one gives you the vapors.


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