Beaver Dam Amphitheatre is gearing up for an action-packed 2021 concert season.  The first show of that season, The Crashers, is just a couple of weeks away.  They're rolling into the DAM on Saturday, May 15th.

To get ready for the upcoming season (all the shows are listed below), officials at the Beaver Dam Amphitheatre are recruiting DAMbassadors- volunteers to work various aspects of the upcoming events.

DAMbassadors work set up in advance of the concerts and work show days as well. And, in the video, you heard Molly Eric (from the Eric Group) say, "We could not do the shows we do at the Amphitheatre without our DAMbassadors."

If you are interested in becoming joining the DAMbassador team, you can fill out the recruitment form by CLICKING HERE!  Applicants MUST be at least 18-years-old. Plus, the Amphitheatre offers "training, incentives, and opportunities to attend concerts" as part of the DAMbassador program.

My friend Michelle Vincent has been a DAMbassador for the last three years and "absolutely loves it."  She works security backstage and helps set up the morning of each event.  She says her favorite part is "how down to Earth the artists are, the friendships within the DAMbassadors and meeting the fans and finding out how far they've traveled to Beaver Dam for the shows."

And, as I mentioned, the Beaver Dam Amphitheatre is getting ready for an epic 2021 season.  Here's a look at who's coming to the Dam and when.

Beaver Dam Amphitheatre 2021 Summer Season


Beaver Dam Amphitheatre Announces 2nd Half of 2021 Season

Beaver Dam Amphitheatre has announced the second half of its 2021 concert season. Here's a look at who will performing at the Dam!

Plus, stay tuned to WBKR,, the WBKR app and the WBKR Facebook page.  Wednesday morning, April 28th, Angel and I will be joined by Darren "Farmer" Luttrell.  He's going to be joining us at 7:20am Wednesday for another exciting announcement from Beaver Dam Amphitheatre.



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