It is rule the men are NEVER supposed to hit women no matter what! But what about in self defense? Thousands of men in America are victims of domestic violence, but with the prevailing "double-standard", men are taught that even IF a woman hit you first, you aren't supposed to strike back. And some of these women hit pretty HARD!

Where is all this coming from you ask? Well, earlier today I was watching a case on Judge Mathis in which a man was suing his ex-girlfriend for money he used to bail her out of jail after she beat up on her current boyfriend while drunk. In the very beginning of the case, the man admitted to Judge Mathis that he had put his hands on his ex, but he insisted it was in self-defense.

Mathis seemed to immediate direct more of his anger toward the guy, that toward the lady, even though she was admitted, multi-partner abuser, with a drinking problem. It was only AFTER the guy produced multiple arrest report on the lady did Judge Mathis ease up on the guy and subsequently granted him his judgement!

So here's my question, is alright for a man to strike back in self-defense?