Let's talk about Back-to-School photos.

Gavin Eddings

Today is a day that exhausted parents have looked forward to all summer: the first day of school. This is a day when parents can send off their children to be taught life lessons, math, and other school stuff, but most importantly, have their kids watched their for the mandated 8 hours. It's also the day when everyone's kid becomes an absolute superstar and gets to pose for several hundred photos showing off the hottest fashion of LA Gears and Avengers backpack.

And you know what? There ain't a damn thing wrong with that.

Meredith Keller

I know, some of you are probably surprised that Ol' Grumpy Gavin is actually in favor of something as asinine as back-to-school photos, but it's totally fine. Parents should be proud of their kids and want to show off their accomplishments, even if that accomplishment is just being excited for school.

Also, it's only one day of the year. You can handle your friends posting exclusively about their kid for one day. It probably gives their kid a nice boost of self-esteem for the day and gets the parents some sweet Facebook likes. I mean, if you have a kid, chances are they are going to be a pretty great source of Facebook likes and Facebook likes are LIFE!

Meredith Keller

This is just the day and age that we live in. We photograph everything and want to document pretty much everything we do. I've seen a lot of people post things like "Well, in my day my parents never took back to school photos of me!" And there is probably a very simple explanation for that: You probably weren't that cute of a kid.

Happy Back-to-School everyone!