The existence of Baby Yoda has definitely been one of the positive things we'll remember about 2020. I can't help but love all of memes featuring our little green buddy. Disney + premiered the first episodes of The Mandalorian in November of 2019, and 'The Child' quickly grew on us.

As cute and cuddly as he looks, Baby Yoda puts himself in harms way, and uses the Force choke on enemies. He can also heal with the Force, and loves his chicky nuggies.

Five year old Carver was helping his grandma pick out some things to put in care packages for the firefighters that are battling the latest wildfires in California. Little Carver spotted a Baby Yoda toy sitting all alone on a shelf, and he told his grandma that the firefighters could use an extra friend. Grandma agreed, and they even included a sweet note from Carver in the package.

Now the 'Baby Yoda Fights Fires' Facebook pages follows him in all of his new adventures.

Here is Baby Yoda in action:

Time to Fuel up

Chicky Nuggies!

Staying healthy

Baby Yoda is Needed at Another fire in Colorado

Helping this Jedi along the way

Baby Yoda also Visited California Firefighters

May the Force be with You

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