By: Carey M. Meredith, Wedding Planner

Carey'd Away Weddings

Oh the season of all things beautiful, filled with the spirit of love and Christmas cheer has ended, the glittered ball has dropped and your true love left a small sparkling memory forever etched in your mind and on that little left ring finger. YOU'RE ENGAGED! The fun has just begun, and the planning is creeping over you with pure joy and a touch of apprehension. Then it hits you: where do you begin?!

The image of a young lady clipping out magazine articles and picture after picture, along with filling her scrap book with the fairytale wedding details she always dreamed of, comes to mind. She envisions her her big day, what she will wear, how everyone will stare and be in awe of this perfect bride and wedding. The wonderful man, whom has just asked you to be his wife, plays the dashing leading role, and after all where would 'Cinderella' be without 'Prince Charming'?

While many women begin with laying down the law about wedding colors and venue choices, I have a differing opinion about wedding planning. I say, before you think about the wedding, think about the marriage. The first thing I have always told newly engaged couples is to communicate - just the two of you. Decide what you want, how big, how small, indoors, outdoors, and ladies, your fiance' does have an opinion!

A lot of men may seem like they don't really care and will even project a  "just me when and where to be" attitude, but many times the groom does care - a lot!  It is an important day to the both of you.  Once you have established what you both want, it's time to bring out that scrapbook, get your plans together and start doing your online research.  There are a lot of good resources out there, here is one website I found and recommend that is a wonderful way to get started:

So let your personalities shine through and contribute to making your wedding more then just memorable, but also creative, special and unique as the love you share with one another.
Love, Blessings & Happy Wedding!