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Ash VS Evil Dead (2 Seasons, Netflix/Starz)

Ash VS Evil Dead follows the adventures of Ash Williams, star of the Evil Dead films. This is the sequel series to Army of Darkness, the cult-favorite film. The series picks up years after AoD, with Ash still working retail.

Through some clever mishaps, Ash once again reads from the Necronomicon and unleashes the Deadites onto the world. This time, he has sidekicks in his ex-coworkers Pablo and Kelly. Pablo and Kelly really bring out the reluctant father-figure in Ash.

The show is hilarious and occasionally pretty scary. There is no shortage of gore in the series, either, However, it's so over the top that even the most squeamish people can handle it.

Season 3 of the show premieres this Sunday on Starz and you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix.


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