Just in case you haven't had your fill of cats rocking out to Top 40 hits today (who are we kidding? This is the Internet!), here is Ariana Grande's 'Problem' as remixed by cats.

Remember how the 'Sam & Cat' star's 'Problem' lyric vid was shot in black and white with pinwheel-type shadows? Well, the kitties in this vid are shot in the same way, only the lyrics are entirely cat-themed and entirely hilarious.

"Hey lady, even though you want me, you can't have me, until I want you," the cats (supposedly) croon in the opening of the video. "And even though I'm meowing, I don't want you, I want foo-oo-ood."

The song continues to pump out one hysterical lyric after the other, until the chorus kicks in with a line that every cat owner knows to be true: "I only love when I want to." LOL!

Check out the video above!

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