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You KNOW the break-up is for REAL when you get the TATTOOS of your ex- covered up and that's EXACTLY what both Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson BOTH have done! The former couple are now trying to erase ever trace of their strange relationship from memory.

During their super fast paced relationship, Ariana thought it would be a good idea to get a tattoo tribute to Pete's dad who died on 9/11 . So she had his firefighter's badge number '8418' inked on her left foot. Pete also though it would be an equally good idea to get Ariana's 'Dangerous Woman' Rabbit emblazoned on his next. Neither not realizing their relationship would got down in a sudden blaze of glory!

To cover her's up, Miss Grande got the name of her other ex, Mac Miller's dog 'MYRON' put there since she adopted him after Miller's death earlier this year. Pete, on the other hand, got an awkward looking black heart to cover up the bunny!

Do you have a tattoo of an ex- on you that you would like to cover up? Let me know in the comments below!

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