We all know to slow down in school zones when school is in session (at least we should), but what happens when school's out for the summer?

I reached out to Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin by e-mail earlier this week looking for a little clarification, however with the Chief's busy schedule, I had not yet received a reply as of this writing. So I did a little digging on my own.

According to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the speed limit through most school zones in Evansville and the surrounding area is 20 miles per hour between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Depending on where that school is located (for example, on a city block, highway, or country road), outside those times, the posted speed limit applies. This of course differs depending on where you are. For residential area's Indiana law states, "In most urban residential areas, vehicles may not exceed 30 miles per hour or the posted speed limit."

Keep in mind, some schools in the area offer summer school classes. In those cases, the school zone speed limit is in effect as children are present. There may not be as many as during a normal school year, but by definition, they are present.

Violating the school zone speed limit is a Class C Misdemeanor in the state of Indiana, which carries a maximum fine of $500 and up to 60 days in jail.

At the end of the day, your best bet is to err on the side of caution and tap that break a bit whenever you enter a school zone. If you don't, I'm sure a law enforcement officer in the area would be happy to remind you.

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