If you could tell from our earlier article about High Score: Player Two that they weren't moving, simply expanding, congrats, you have made it to the next level. Also, if you get my expansion pack reference, please tell my son that I'm kind of cool.

I have wanted video arcade games in my house ever since the first time that I watched Silver Spoons. Kids these days have big monitors and games that don't require quarters, but they are just too intense for me. When my son plays Minecraft, I never understand what the object of the game is. I need something a little more simple like Frogger or Pac-Man.


Game On

High Score: Player Two features games that parents and kids can enjoy. Soon there will be even more space to house new games and party space. We reported that The Washtub is moving three doors down, and that is the space that will house next-level gaming fun.


Time to Level-Up

High Score Player 2: Classic Arcade is an all-ages arcade, so parents can play games like Mario Bros., Galaga, Q*Bert, Space Invaders, Spider-Man, and pinball with their kids. It's also a cool spot for a fun outing with co-workers. We did that last year and it was a blast! Once the expansion is complete, High Score: Player Two will be more than double the current size. This will bring more party room space, and of course, more classic games.

  • •More driving/motorcycle games
  • •More classic arcades
  • •More pinball machines
  • •A dedicated console room with plenty of seating so kids can enjoy everything classic Nintendo all the way to current Switch games
  • •One party room for smaller groups(10-15) and another for large groups(50+)
  • •Open to the general public five days a week!
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