So there's a dating app out there called "Hater."  While I've never been one for dating apps, I have to admit that this one is kind of brilliant, and it's premise is that it matches people up by similarities of things that they HATE!


Hater ran some data and discovered what the most hated thing was and broke it down by state.  So here is what we learned about us Hoosiers here in Indiana:


Apparently, we hate BLOGGERS.  That's right, people who share their thoughts and opinions online drive us nuts.  And to be honest, as someone who has to blog as part of his job, we ARE pretty annoying, with our need for attention and silly "click-bait" titles...  It's the one thing Hoosiers can agree on!

The Rob flies solo on today's Post 2 Post. Photo: Kat Mykals
This is what a blogger looks like - Very annoying. Photo: Kat Mykals

As for the rest of the Tri-State, Kentucky reportedly hates when friends ask them to help them move (yeah, that is very annoying).  Illinois hates when people bite into their string cheese as opposed to pulling it off the way it is designed to be eaten...  Which for some reason I also find enraging.


Again, this information was culled from the dating app Hater, but I got it via Buzzfeed.

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