What is going on in Evansville?

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It's been a few weeks since any women in Evansville have reported being followed after a string of reports happened at the start of the summer. Unfortunately, that streak has come to an end as one Evansville woman was not only followed in a store, but also followed home.

Valerie posted the following note on Twitter last night:

"Friday night on my way home from work, I noticed a car pull away from the curb close to work as I was pulling out of the parking lot. It was around 8 and getting pretty dark out. I noticed this car staying behind me, sometimes falling back, other times right behind me. This car stayed behind me every turn until I was home. I thought it was a huge coincidence because I live on the east side, lots of people are here, it happens. I pulled into a parking spot in front of the mailboxes at my complex and this car slowed down, but then drive on through the complex. I stayed put, doors locked, under a well lit park of the parking lot, determined to not go to my building. The car shortly returned, slowing down, and pulled into the lot where the first set of buildings are in the complex and just sat there. No one got in, no one got out. It was dark, and I didn’t have my glasses. I wasn’t able to see the license plate number. After a few minutes they backed up and drove out of the complex and when I felt comfortable enough I speedily got back to my building, ran inside, locked my door, and made sure my windows and blinds were closed. I told Jordan what had happened once he got off work and we agreed that it was smart to stay aware and that it was most likely a coincidence, but to always stay on guard.

Tonight, I had to make a random trip to Meijer for a few little things. Quick trip, in and out. I noticed a very similar car in the parking lot, but again, big city, busy part of town, it happens. I went in, staying aware of everyone and everything around me the entire time. I soon after noticed a man in his early to mid thirties in every isle I was in, including the meat and produce sections. He wasn’t carrying anything. Didn’t have a cart. Just was there. It gave me the most uneasy feeling I’ve ever felt. I immediately texted my best friend knowing she was the only one awake and able to talk to me since Jordan was still working. I let her know what was happening, and she was immediately on it. Right after Jordan got off work and called me as he does every night. I had already asked the guy working at the front to watch me walk to my car (I was in the very first spot) and he did. I got to my car, got in, locked the doors and noticed the man walking out to the car I had seen when I walked in the store. The car was parked at the other side of the lot, facing towards mine so again, I couldn’t see the plates. I never saw the car leave the parking lot, but I won’t lie I ran every stop sign just trying to leave. I stayed on the phone with Jordan the entire time, and stayed in my car with it locked until he got home and could walk in with me. I’m not posting this to get advice on how I should have handled it differently. I just want everyone to be aware of their surroundings. This could have been harmless. It could have been a huge coincidence. But it also could have gone so differently. No more last minute trips to the store for me, and I plan on changing my drive home from work. Please please please always be aware of what is going on around you. Please don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’re scared. Go with your gut. If it feels bad, it’s bad. Be safe, stay alert. Make sure someone knows where you are, always."

This obviously a very scary situation for anyone to be in but good on Valerie for being alert of her surroundings and making sure that she told someone about what was going on.

If you think you are being followed, you can find some tips on what to do here.

You can see Valerie's original tweet below:


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