My inner bookworm doesn't know whether to do a back flip or run and hide! Universal Pictures has secured rights to Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles."

Photo: Kamil Macniak


You may remember the Vampire Lestat - he was played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 screen adaptation of Anne's first book released in 1976, "Interview with a Vampire." Lestat has been a revolving character in most of her 10 book collection known as "The Vampire Chronicles." The last book, "Blood Canticles" was released in 2003. There are reports that there is an 11th book that is expected to drop in October of this year titled, "Prince Lestat."

If you have never read these books, first thing you need to know is that they are addicting. Lestat is quite the charming vampire. Despite all of his atrocious acts, there is something alluring and attractive about him and his inner demons. Yes, even vampires have skeletons in their closets. The second thing that you need to know is that Anne Rice has a way of painting the most beautiful pictures with her words. They create enticing and vivid images within her stories.

Now, about the movies... "Interview with a Vampire" was a great movie. Like I mentioned it starred Tom Cruise as Lestat, but also featured Brad Pitt as Louis and a very young Kirsten Dunst as the child vampire, Claudia. "Interview" was a well done version of the book. I really can't complain. It carried that same sense of romance as the book.

In 2002, I remember being so excited because the movie version of the third book of "The Chronicles" was coming out - "Queen of the Damned." It starred Aaliyah, as Queen Akasha - THE Queen of all vampires. This movie was a major disappointment for me. As a fan of the books, and Anne's writing, I felt like this film really dropped the ball. There was no romance to the overall feel of the movie and the special effects nearly ruined it for me. It was just too much.

So, now there are reports that another book may be making it's way to the big screen, and I have mixed emotions. If done right, I think it will be hugely popular. If it were to follow suit with "Queen of the Damned," I think there will be a lot of disappointed vampire fans.

Also, if you're wondering about my stance on Lestat vs Edward Cullen from "Twilight," I am TEAM LESTAT.