Hey Y'all Angel here and if you're snowed in and looking for some fun shows to watch I have made the list perfect for this winter weather.

Go put on your comfy pajamas, grab your favorite blanket, warm beverage, and settle in for the day.

Now here is my disclaimer;  I don't watch a ton of television.  I never really have but since we got internet and a few streaming services I have found I love watching different shows.  I would say that my list is as random as they get from Firemen to Serial Killers and Romance in between.

Virgin River-If you've never watched Virgin River it is based in the small town of Virgin River where a Los Angeles Nurse Practioner is hired to come to help the town doctor not truly knowing what she is getting herself into. They released the second season on Black Friday and I had binge-watched the whole thing by the end of the weekend.

Sweet Magnolias-The show is staged in the small town of Serenity.  It's a romantic drama starring Joanna Garcia Swisher, who you might remember more as Cheyenne from Reba (another one of my favorite shows) and Chris Klein most notably known from all of the American Pie movies.

It is about three women who have been the very best of friends since they were little girls growing up together in a small town, raising families, love, and their careers.From love drama, divorce, scandal, and more the show will keep you hitting the next episode after the next episode until well you are at the end of Season one reeling for another season.  No worries because it's coming soon!I know it might seem like I love the romantic drama series and it a way I kind of do but give me an action drama and I am here for it.

Station 19-It's an action drama about Seattle Firefighters and the lives they live both at work and home.  I found myself literally getting completely emotional with each episode.  If you love romance and a hot fireman this is the show for you!

Quantico-This is my second go-round of the series.  I watched it about two years ago and decided to go back because, to be honest, it is a lot to take in.  Quantico shows you what it is like to go through the FBI academy and centers on the recruits from one specific class.  Alex Parrish is the main character and she gets herself into and out of trouble saving the world multiple times.

If you don't have any streaming services or internet you can always head to the library and rent Hart of Dixie. The reason I say you have to rent it is that the series was taken off Netflix since the last show aired five years ago in December.  I didn't even get to finish the whole show.

The show is based in Bluebell, Alabama.  A New York Doctor is asked to come work at Dr. Harley Wilkes medical office in Bluebell.  The show is absolutely hilarious, with a shot of seriousness, and all the drama you can handle.

And finally, how could I forget Schitt's Creek.

Schitt's Creek is a series on Netflix that aired on CBS from 2015 to April of 2020.  It's about the Rose family who has been used to living a lavish life and are now being thrust into living in a small town they bought years before as a joke.

Life is quite different for the Rose family when they have to put up with one another and face situations in a new town with no money.


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