Angel here and y'all already know I don't get to watch much television so when I do and I find a show I like I become obsessed.  I am loyal to the shows I love.  Netflix has me in tears as I type.

Our family literally joined the world of internet and streaming tv for the first time just three short months ago and my heart has already been crush by this tawdry love affair more than I care to even think about.

The first blow to the gut was Friends being gone.  I know this happened a while back but I did occasionally watch it on Netflix on my phone.  Then I found this sweet little show called Hart of Dixie.  It stars Rachel Bilson as a New York Doctor who finds out her father who she didn't even know was her dad leaves her his part of his own medical practice when he dies.  She is called to the tiny town of Bluebell to try and make a new life.

I watched the show daily (mind you I only watched about 20 minutes at a time)I watch while I'm on the treadmill to savor it.   I got to season 3 halfway through and I got to log on Tuesday and go to my recent watches and it's not there.  I think this must be a mistake.  I go to the search engine and type it in...NOTHING.  I am panicked by this point and turn to google where I find my devastation.  The show was removed because it only streamed in the US for five years and that five year period was up December 15th.

It is still available to watch but not for FREE!  You can find the show on YouTube, Amazon Prime TV, and Google Play Store where fans can purchase each season.  I have died a little inside and feel like I should confess that to you all.

Curse you 2020.

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