Ambition: noun
noun: ambition; plural noun: ambitions
1. a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
Kana Brown is a model of ambition. She has her own business as an esthetician, written for News4U (According2Kana) and has created the digital magazine for the Evansville area, LoveItEVV. She has accomplished all of these things and many more before the age of 30.


When did you decide that this was the route you wanted to take in life?

Haha still very undecided on which route I am on and which one I would like to take. I found myself writing for magazine's which I never really expected to do. The type of magazine I am into just wasn't in the market in this area, but we have soooo many talented people in this city that need to be showcased. So I'm like "hey, let's put them all together & highlight a part of this city that no one seems to know about. Things fell into place immediately. I am all over the place type of person so the fact that this got pulled together showed me this is the right route for this time in my life.

How did you go about reaching your goals?

I used to be very specific on my goals. Down to a time and in my mind a story of how I wanted to happen. I am learning now to have an idea of what I want and just letting things fall into place on their own, but not without ACTION. I am very adamant on you must take the first step on whatever it is that you want!

Alisha Sims Photography
Alisha Sims Photography

What is it exactly that you are offering the Evansville area?

I think more and more I am realizing that I have the gift of connectivity. I am not afraid to be open with people and that, most of the time, is kind of infectious. The side effect of being open with everyone is that we realize are all in this together , which makes everyone finally want to help each other.
Tell me about LOVEITEVV. Where did you get the idea? Who are you working with?
Love IT! Evv is a fashion, beauty & lifestyle magazine. We are that friend that knows where to get the cutest clothes, all the beauty tricks and we can talk to you about some really deep stuff. Love IT! is my little brain child. I seriously talking about wanting to do a Cosmo -esque magazine for Evansville with a photographer friend over lunch and was complaining how it's so expensive to start up that sort of thing because of printing costs. She simply said do it online. Seemed like a simple solution, in that moment it gave me such profound clarity! So although I had no prior experience in running a magazine, I went home that day made a whole outline of the magazine I wanted, came up with a name and the rest is history, I guess or is it too early to call it that? Heather Vaught is the Art Director. She had just finished my logo for me about 2 or 3 weeks prior so I went to her with my idea and to ask her for her help with graphic design and layout, and seriously, I couldn't have envisioned any more beautiful than what she has created. Shayla Spradley is the Assistant Director, everything that falls in the cracks, she catches. She goes through the magazine and makes sure we give you guys the absolute best.

Tell me about Tuesday Talk? Who goes? Where is it? Who is invited?

Tuesday Talk with Kana started last October when I made a post basically saying, I go to networking events all the time BUT who else is like me and really wants to connect with other fabulous women? There was a pretty big response so I decided to facilitate that by making Tuesday Talk. It's a judgment free zone where women can talk about whatever they want have a drink & just vibe!
It is open to all women my favorite little testimony from Kat Mykals sums it up pretty much "I really enjoyed the "oneness" & acceptance of the group. It was the first time in my life that I have walked into a room full of women & did not feel like I was being sized up by the other women. We were all there in support of each other. It was an amazing experience, and I look forward to attending future events!!!" -Kat M. It's once a month, always the third Tuesday of the month and info is always up at

What are your future plans?
I would have never predicted to be where I am now, so I am open to what the Universe has in store for me! I would like to continue to help our little city flourish with coolness.

Kana also has her own “Beauty Room” located at 44 Washington Ave. She gives holistic facials, full body waxing and makeup services.

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